Jiaxing AOSITE Photonics Technology Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “OST Photonics”) is a high-technology company specialized in manufacturing and developing various of crystal material products. With more than twenty years experience, OST Photonics is committed to becoming the most professional manufacturer and supplier in the world. Our main products are as follows:

• Scintillation crystal, encapsulated scintillator, pixellated array and scintillation detector for nuclear radiation detection.

• Laser crystals, optics and components for laser system and applications.

• IR windows and OEM optics for thermal imaging cameras and applications.

• SAW/optical grade LiNbO3, LiTaO3, Quartz wafers and all types of crystal substrates for industrial and research applications.

Our products are widely used in the laser systems, thermal imaging cameras, medical imaging systems, nuclear detection instruments, medical and biological equipments, defense and security, scientific research and aerospace.

In the past few years, we have been cooperated closely with many scientific research centers, laboratories, universities and instrument manufacturers around the world, all our customers are satisfied with our products and services.

Here at OST Photonics we value specialty, accountability and innovation. Our mission is to be your dependable partner to help you in growth.