Diameter 10 mm x 0.5 mm YAP(Ce) Scintillation Crystal, Double Sides Polished (5 Pieces)


Brand: OST Photonics

Quantity: 5 pieces

Delivery Time: 2 weeks

Bulk Discount: 25%(≥20 Pieces)




  1. Crystal Size: Diameter 10 mm x 0.5 mm
  2. Polishing: Double sides polished
  3. Diameter Tolerance: ±0.1 mm
  4. Thickness Tolerance: ±0.02 mm


  1. Fast decay time: 40ns
  2. High light output
  3. Excellent physical and chemical characteristics

Main Applications

  1. Scanning electron microscope(SEM)
  2.  X-ray imaging
  3. Electron imaging
  4. Gamma, X-ray counter

YAP(Ce) Scintillation Crystal Description

Cerium-doped yttrium aluminum perovskite (YAP: Ce) is a fast, mechanically strong and chemically resistant scintillation material. Mechanical properties enable precise machining and entrance windows can be made with a very thin aluminum layer deposited directly on the entrance surface of the crystal. YAP:Ce scintillators have very low energy secondary X-ray emissions which makes them desirable for imagining applications. YAP:Ce detectors are used for gamma and X-ray counting, electron microscopy, electron and X-ray imaging screens, and tomography systems.

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